10 reasons you should NOT participate in the Digilent Design Contest

You’ve probably found out by now that the Digilent Design Contest registration is open, so to get a better idea of the whole event I will give you some excellent reasons why you should NOT participate. But do not take my word for it, read below to see if you can be convinced!

  1. You do not have access to a lot of diverse materials
This image is not indicative of the above statement.

I mean come on, with ONLY 6 FPGA boards and more than 70 Pmods available to make a project, plus other accessories and add-on modules how can you be expected to make anything? Sounds impossible.

  1. There is too much support

There are lots of materials and reference projects for the boards and the team looks like they are ready to help…


But with all that support you might feel overwhelmed so you should probably not even try to get involved.

  1. A clearly grumpy, passionless and sense of humorless team.

Why would you even want to see what they can offer you? Their clear sense of disinterest and apathy is just seeping out of the photograph.


  1. You probably won’t learn anything anyways

Throughout the years there have been so many amazing and innovative projects that it is likely that all the good ideas have already been snatched up. Besides, this all seems like a sneaky ploy to get you to do some learning, all this “projecting” and “awesome applications for technical understanding” nonsense.


  1. Nobody will even see or evaluate my project

You probably don’t want anybody to evaluate the project and give feedback on what is good and what can be improved. Why would you want to be judged top international industry representatives like Digilent, Xilinx, or National Instruments? I think I’ll pass.



  1. You’ll leave with nothing

Like, why would you want to keep the hardware that was used making the project? Might as well leave it. Also, the idea of prizes for anyone but first place is a silly myth designed to keep kids in school. The only thing you will probably leave with is disappointment in yourself for participating.

A clearly disappointed crowd.
  1. You won’t be appreciated

The Digilent Design Contest never appreciates younger or unique participant stories. They won’t put them in a good light and are not interested at all in your performances.



  1. It’s not a good thing to put on your CV and will probably just waste space on your resume.

Who wants to give hiring chances to students who have participated or won such an unpopular international contest? Who on earth would hire some person determined to do some projects with their knowledge for a job or internship? Unheard of.




  1. Boring contestants with boring projects

No interesting projects, no variety in terms of culture, education, region, project topic…

josecf ignnat








  1. No appreciation for the advisers of the participants.

They never do adviser spotlights or really even acknowledge the hard work the advisers put in.


For the teachers out there, don’t send your students to this contest. It’s a a lot of work from your side with no results or benefit.

If you need more evidence for staying away from this contest or you want to get into trouble, find out more details by sending an e-mail at contesteu@digilentinc.com or by visiting http://www.digilentdesigncontest.com/ where you can see information about the contest, timeline, previous editions with the projects and hardware information!

*This post was written by Bianca Peterlin of Digilent Romania

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