2016 Digilent and CNFM Workshop in Paris

After last year’s success, Digilent and our academic partner in France, Coordination Nationale pour la Formation en Microelectronique (CNFM) will hold another workshop, “Teaching Digital Design with Student- Owned FPGA Lab Platforms” again at Telecom-Paristech on March 10, 2016. A similar workshop was also held in Poland last November.

Teaching Digital Design with Student- Owned FPGA Lab
Teaching digital design with student-owned FPGA lab.

In addition to the focus on the Basys 3 and Xilinx’s Vivado, workshop attendees will use Analog Discovery 2 and WaveForms 2015 to analyze and visualize some simple analog circuit characteristics. The Basys 3 and Analog Discovery 2 are perfect for teaching digital design with hands-on experience.

Mircea Dabacan, a professor of applied electronics at Technical University of Cluj-Napoca in Romania, will be the presenter in the workshop. Dr. Dabacan works in data acquisition systems, digital design, and embedded systems, and was formerly a visiting professor at Washington State University.

You can download the event flyer here and email the registration to fpga@cnfm.fr.

See you in Paris!

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