2016 PNW-ASEE Section Conference: “Focusing on Student Success”

Students, educators and post graduates will be converging on Boise, Idaho this weekend for the ASEE PNW Conference to learn about new tools, theories and applications centered around focusing on student success.  The event is sponsored by Digilent, and the College of Science and Engineering at Seattle University.



Look for our Digilent booth on March 31 – April 1.   Alex will showcase the Nexys Video HD demo,

Audio Looper - Nexys Video

and another demo featuring our new Analog Discovery 2.

2016-02-02 12.35.53

Digilent’s very own Alex Wong will be giving a keynote speech during a breakfast on 4/2/16:  “Student Owned Design Platforms & Instrumentation”.  When students are free from the constraints associated with traditional lab environments, they tend to excel and grasp concepts faster.  We are making the tools to help.

Embedded world Alex at demo
Here is Alex at the Embedded World conference this year testing a demo.

Attendees will hear that a key component to retaining knowledge is the use of student-owned equipment, a topic our president, Steve Johnson spoke to at ECEDHA.  Read his insightful post, as he dives into the way we educate engineers and how we can do better with the use of devices like the Analog Discovery 2.

Alex will discuss how affordable, student-owned hardware, like the Analog Discovery 2, as well as other tools or software that can be used to teach electrical and computer engineering in an interesting, yet challenging way. Learning can be fun when you have the right tools!  Check out our line of FPGA development boards.




Make sure to say hello to Alex if you’re in Boise this week and don’t miss his speech!  Please share this with friends and colleagues that might be interested.  Find a link to register here.

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