3D Open Source Changing People’s Lives One Handshake at A TIme

Joel Gibbard, creator of Open Bionics, says he can “3D-scan an amputee and build them a custom-fitted socket and hand in less than two days,” and it’s all open-source!

Robotic Arm
Picture courtesy of BBC.

Twenty-five year old Gibbard, (seen above on the right) originally began development of the robotic hand from his bedroom in Bristol. He intends to start a business by selling custom-made robotic hands later next year, but the project is also open-source.


The smart hand has electromyographic sensors that detect muscle movement. Read more in the attached article from DeZeen magazine.

This will enable many around the globe to benefit from his genius and invites ideas for improvements to be shared. (One of the general ideas of open source is not so much that it means “free”, but to share and make an idea/concept better with collaboration.) 

Perhaps there will soon be others that can be helped with additional prosthetics because of Joel’s idea. It has been estimated that there of over 11 million hand amputees worldwide.

The BBC News announced earlier this year that Gibbard won the 2015 James Dyson Award for engineering design. See the BBC article here.

Picture courtesy of DeZeen.

I’ve included a link to my favorite Open Biotics blog post as well as a link to the DeZeen magazine article here.

Cheers to you and your team, Joel!


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