3D-Printed Pmod Holders

One of the most common issues that customers (and even interns!) have encountered when working with the Pmods was the ambiguous directionality. Since it was not clear which way specifically to plug them in, many fell victim to accidentally doing so with the Pmod upside down. Which unfortunately is not a particularly forgiving mistake, and would often serve to ruin the Pmod.


Additionally it can be difficult when working with electronics to mount everything together in an efficient and manageable format.


However, we shall fret no longer due to the grand introduction of 3D-printed Pmod holder!


Thanks to brilliant future engineers W. and J., there shall be nary another Pmod-related casualty, nor the inordinate frustration that comes with such an event. Will and Jaden have spent the week designing, testing, and printing Pmod holders, until they have settled on a refined final prototype. Not only will these allow for the introduction of stickers that make clear which direction to (and more importantly NOT to) plug them in, it allows the user to mount the Pmod on the rest of the system in a more stable and flexible manner.



I had the pleasure of sitting down with these two and getting to hear a little backstory on how exactly these cases came to be:


Me: “So how long have you guys been into 3D printing?”

W: “About a month now!”

J: “But we have only been working on the holders for a week or so. We wanted to see how fast we could get them done”.

M: “Wow, that’s very efficient! So what made you guys decide to get into this project?”

W: ” Well, we wanted to help out as much as possible, and we had been told that this (plugging Pmods in backwards) had been a problem. So we decided to solve it.”

J: “We used our own 3D printer. We built it ourselves out of a kit.”

M: “Nice! So did you guys experience any major challenges in this process?”

J and W in unison: “Absolutely!”

J: “We had a lot of issues with getting the sizing just right.”

W: “It took a couple of printing attempts but we got it eventually.”

J: ” We also had printer issues, which we had to figure out.”

M ” Well it sounds like you guys did just that! Would you say that it was worth it all in the end?”

W: “Definitely, it feels really good to have them done and working, and to be able to contribute to the company in such a beneficial way.”

J: “Agreed!”




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