A Very Tech-y Thanksgiving

If you’re one of our American readers, you know it’s almost time to celebrate Thanksgiving (November 26!). Feasting, family, football…it’s the trifecta that people love or hate (or love to hate). I know that in the spirit of being present in the moment, especially for those who are spending the upcoming holiday with family, some may be eschewing technology for the day (or month, if you observe No-Shave November). However, if you’re looking for ways to include technology in the day, look no further.


  1. Skype/FaceTime/Video chat in general. If you live far from friends and family, it can be nice to connect anyway. It’s great to see familial faces glistening with the grease of turkeys and pies past, and this makes it easy to chat while you recover from painful feasting.
  2. Electric carving knives. Up your turkey or tofurkey carving game AND the sense of danger for the holiday by adding a motor to a knife. Since How I Met Your Mother was wrong and we’re not using lightsabers to slice our poultry of choice, this is really the way to go.
  3. Speaking of poultry, how should you cook that bad boy? Don’t rely on that smudged recipe from your grandmother’s best friend’s sister anymore. There are countless apps and websites to find the perfect recipe to suit your needs and to waste many hours of your life. I’m looking at you, Pinterest.
  4. Help Grandma or Dad with their computer problems. Showing them how to delete cookies or block ads will help save their sanity, if not yours.
  5. Use the power of the internet and other technology to multi-task your TV watching and hanging out with family. Whether you DVR the big game or queue up A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, you really don’t have much of an excuse to dodge Aunt Ethel’s questions about uncomfortable topics.
  6. Gaming. Not only are there fantastic sales on the platforms or consoles of your choice, you can actually spend the entire day playing Fallout 4 if you want. Nothing makes you truly grateful for your life like a post-apocalyptic dystopia.
  7. If all else fails and you need to burn everything, use this pyrotechnic pie.


Please don’t actually make that. Stay safe, and have a happy Thanksgiving.


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