About Digilent Giveaways

We love doing giveaways, and we love seeing your enthusiasm for them! Before we do too many more, we wanted to establish our rules, given some of the recent changes around Digilent.

To enter a blog-based giveaway, comment on any of our posts for that week. The comment has to be pertinent (saying “I commented” does not count). That will provide one entry. If you can provide proof you shared your comment or promoted your favorite posts on social media, you will receive an additional entry (make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter — the blog will have a follow option soon). Contests will run from Monday to Monday, and drawings will be on Monday. If there is only one entry, that person will win by default. We will contact the winner. You may only win one time per month.

Should you win, let us know whether you are based in the US or not. We will ship the prize to US giveaway winners. International customers will receive a voucher/coupon code for the product in question, and you will be responsible for applicable shipping and customs fees. If we do not provide service to your country, we regret that we will not be able to allow participation in the giveaway.

Digilent employees and distributors are not eligible. (Takes effect December 20.)

*Rules are subject to change.



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I was the Digilent blog editor, and now I'm a contributor. I love learning about wearables and writing about social issues in STEM. Outside of work, I can be found watching Netflix with my cat, working on an art project, or trying to find new, delicious local foods.

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11 Comments on “About Digilent Giveaways”

  1. The Arty – where does the name come from, looks arty, especially FPGA at jaunty angle..

    1. The name comes from the Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA core! Glad you like the look of it.

  2. This giveaway blog is slightly messy IMO, just got at Instagram new info about this week giveaway, but can’t find it here.

  3. I would be lucky if I was one of those young makers, if I had one no one would ever see me and the cause of that is I love making things and also learning how things work around me.

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