AD2 Capabilities Christmas Carols

It can be tricky at times to memorize all of the awesome capabilities of the Analog Discovery 2 and its companion software, WaveForms 2015. So in the spirit of the upcoming holidays and to help make it all just a little easier to recall, we present to you some festive jingles for your favorite USB oscilloscope.

Turbo is excited for this. As you should be.

*cue catchy background beat*

All I Want for Christmas Is a Reliable Oscilloscope: To be sung exclusively by Mariah Carey


I don’t want a lot for circuits

There is just one thing I need

I don’t care about the presentation

Just as long as its working properly

I just want to always know

That nothing will suddenly explode

To make my wish come true

I make sure to debug every circuit 

With the Analog Discovery 2


The Logic Analyzer and Navigation by Event: In the style of Jingle Bells

Dashing through the data sets

In a most efficient way

Over the acquisitions we go

Examining the whole array

Events and locations are seen

Visible in real time

Oh what fun it is to debug logic  

Without having to stay up all night!


Return of the Voltmeter: Sounds best if accompanied by a horde of small, singing children 

Oh, WaveeeeeForms 2015

was a jolly happy software

With a portable appeal, accessible interface

and a powerful Data Logger

But we know that some had missed the simple, easy days

when your signal readings were just a click or two away

So with version 3.4.7’s release we reflected upon just that

And we are happy to say that the Voltmeter Tool is  back!

Oh the Return of the Voltmeter

As easy to use as can be

And they say

The two independent voltmeters can measure and display

Whether the signals are True RMS, AC, or DC


We hope you find these harmonies helpful the next time you are at a loss for what equipment or functionality you might need. And feel free to contribute some of your own carols in the comments below! Also, make sure to post below your best circuit-related story for a chance to be the subject of our next round of whimsical Electrical Engineering songs… which will be coming soon. We are just still waiting on some record labels to get back to us. Which is taking some time, as it turns out.

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2 Comments on “AD2 Capabilities Christmas Carols”

  1. LabVIEW Home
    LabVIEW Home
    It’s the thing for me
    I can put some complex VIs onto my Raspberry Pi!

  2. I love
    The Discovery 2
    It’s a USB O-Scope
    And it also includes
    An Abritrary Waveform Generator
    All of the benchtop modules
    Used to laugh and call it names
    They never let the poor Discovery
    Join in any data games
    But then one stressful project appeared
    And an engineer came to say
    I wish that I had something small
    To do all of these things for me
    The AD2 perked right up
    It could stream all their data
    The Analog Discovery 2
    Had found it’s new home!

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