Adding a Homemade Touch to the Holidays

The holiday season is finally here, and I know that many of us are extremely excited to see family, friends, and the insides of our Christmas presents.  But in addition to the joy of receiving, there is also (apparently) the joy of giving, and that is what we will be addressing today. In this post we will detail how to add a special touch to your gifts to really bring the holiday spirit.

Custom Cards:

Nothing says “I put a competitive-level of effort into this” like a really exquisite card, and with paper circuits you can take it that extra mile. Check out our full post for detailed instructions on how to put together these together on your own.

All you need is:

The adorable outcome.

You can also check out some 2D printed paper circuits!

Additionally, if you are a fan of photography you can use the WS2812 Waterproof LED strip and a chipKIT uC32 to make your own light-painting photos to include in your cards!

Check out how to make the light-painting wand here.

The Box Itself:

I am personally quite a fan of surprises, and what better way to put a holiday glow in peoples cheeks than the scare the living daylights out of them? One way to add a terrifying twist to your gifts this year is to conceal a small catapult inside, set to go off when it detects the lid being opened.

If you are looking to take a more humane approach, you can also decorate the box with lights to add a magical twinkle effect!

Tentacle arm box (jack in the box)

Hopefully you can use these ideas in your own celebration, and make sure to comment below on how you use your crafty abilities to make your holidays unique!

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