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One month ago we launched the Digital Discovery Giveaway to celebrate our June 2017 feature in Nuts and Volts Magazine. This feature followed closely behind the Digital Discovery’s ECEDHA 2017 debut, and Digilent Live where Brandon showcased his monitoring digital circuits project. We were so surprised by the feature in Nuts and Volts Magazine, however, that we couldn’t help but host our very first social giveaway! This giveaway was intended to give Nuts and Volts readers and Digilent followers an exclusive chance to test drive our newest embedded development instrumentation.

Announcing this giveaway one month ago, we soon began receiving entries as participants vied for their chance to win a free Digital Discovery. Participants asked to submit a photo of their Nuts and Volts Magazine cover with a Digilent shoutout similarly showed their creativity in post captions and photo elements. One of our favorite entries not only met giveaway requirements but also shared their excitement for the Nexys 4, our limited time FPGA featured in the Digital Discovery Tic-Tac-Toe demo.

After collecting a handful of creative entries, our Instrumentation product manager blindly chose the winner for our first ever social media giveaway. Find out who won our Digital Discovery in the recording below…

We want to thank everyone who participated in our first social giveaway and congratulate our Digital Discovery winner, Lyle Holyoak! While this concludes our Digital Discovery Giveaway, participants can find free support material (such as getting started guides and tutorials) on the Digilent Wiki to support future Digital Discovery learning. Remember to follow Digilent on social media for future giveaway announcements as we prepare exciting promotions, announced first on the Digilent Blog and social platforms.

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