April Content Update

Welcome to our first content update, for April 2018!

We have decided to start implementing monthly content updates to help keep our readers up to date with what is happening around the Digilent community.  These content updates may include things like software updates from trade shows, new wiki tutorials, WaveForms updates and new features, and any new demos or projects.

Today we are focusing on some projects from Hackster.io.

Sweep and Play:

Sweep ‘n’ Play is a FPGA-based games consoles that offers you a new you way to play from your smartphone or tablet. It uses an Arty Z7-20 and Pmod BT2 (along with some other components) to create a new gaming experience. The project creators created a video demonstration, shown below:

Instrument for Early Detecting Dental Decay:

This project is an medical instrument developed for early detection of dental decay using electrical impedance measurement method. This project uses the Arty A7, Pmod IA and Pmod BT2 to help detect dental decay. Check out a video the project in action below.

Localization Based on RF Modules Using FPGA:

The goal of this project is to allow you to find the location of a device using a Digilent Zybo.

The author of the project cited the inspiration for the project was to help locate student drones postion in real-time, so that later this project could be used to develop an autonomous drone which can fly to specific defined locations.

Thank you for checking out our first content update, stay tuned for next month!

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