Upcoming Free Webinar-ARM on FPGA

ARM (Advanced RISC-Machine) is one of the most popular processor cores in the world. It is estimated that there are over 100-billion ARM based chips out in the wild, and over 450 ARM licensees/partners actively designing with the technology. This means that as a technology, almost every single electrical engineering student, professional, and designer has touched ARM technology. And if you have not yet, you can be almost certain that you will!

At Digilent, we want to offer our designers the lowest barrier of entry into the technology, and having the world’s most popular processor technology available to them is exciting. So when we heard that Xilinx and ARM had teamed together to offer ARM cores on FPGA designs… we couldn’t contain our excitement! We were even more excited to hear they were using the
the Digilent Arty board for the Webinar!

On Feburary 19, 2019, at 7AM PST, Xilinx and ARM will team together to offer a free webinar on how to implement ARM cores into Xilinx-based FPGAs and SoCs. The webinar will include an hour of instruction and a a demonstration. Those who register for the webinar will get access to the recording (so if you don’t make it, you can still watch it) and also a coupon code (offered by us) for the hardware they are using.

Go here to register!

We can’t wait to hear what you think and to see you on the webinar!

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