ASEE Is Almost Here!

125th Annual ASEE Conference and Exposition is just around the corner, and we could not be more excited! Just a quick reminder, make sure to register soon for the workshops, as time is running out! The available workshops are listed below:

Workshop #1: Hands-on with the Digilent Basys MX3: Using a Microcontroller in a Mechanical Engineering Data Acquisition Course – U2109Q

This workshop features the Basys MX3 and is taught by Dr. Greg Mason of Seattle University. So make sure you register today, and remember, registered attendees get to keep the Basys MX3 and Basys MX3 Lab Bundle used in the workshop!

Workshop #2: Applications of the Analog Discovery Board to Upper-Level Electrical Engineering Courses: A Hands-On Workshop – U215A. This workshops features the Analog Discovery 2 and a look at its use in upper level engineering courses.

Registered attendees will get to take home the Analog Discovery 2 and accessories! Registration link here. 

Workshop #3: MIPSfpga: Hands-on Learning using an Unobfuscated Commercial MIPS Core – U2109I

Led by Dr. Sarah L. Harris, author of Digital Design and Computer Architecture, and Dr. Daniel Chaver Martinez, this workshop will introduce attendees to the MIPSfpga system. If this is of interest, make sure you head over to register here.

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