Digilent Design Contest Europe 2015 Finals

The Digilent Design Contest Europe 2015 is finally over, and we can’t wait to share some of our favorite moments!

Talented students and advisers across Europe attended the finals of the Digilent Design Contest 2015 held at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca on May 16-17. Some of them traveled from Italy, France, Serbia, Hungary, and other far-flung regions in Romania driven by the strong desire to show off the projects they have been working for the last four or five months with the Digilent hardware provided.

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Final Submissions for Digilent Design Contest Europe 2015

This coming weekend, participants in the Digilent Design Contest Europe will travel to Cluj-Napoca, Romania, from Hungary, Serbia, France, Italy, Poland, and Greece. They will defend their projects in front of a honorary judge from Xilinx Ireland, Microchip Romania, professors from Montpellier-France, and Cluj-Napoca. I am excited to see the final submission projects on http://www.digilentdesigncontest.com/2015-eu-contest-entries.html.

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