Avnet Silica Embedded Vison TechDays

Avnet Silica Embedded Vison TechDays is almost here!

Coming up on April 24th in Madrid Spain, this will be an exciting event that will address a variety of important topics including those in the fields of machine learning and computer vision. Digilent will be in attendance showcasing some boards as well as the Embedded Vison Bundle featuring the Zybo Z7 and Pcam 5C.

The Embedded Vision Bundle.

From the official website description:

Recent improvements on image sensors, processing performance, power consumption, computer algorithms and machine learning, have elevated vision to a much higher level and over the next few years embedded vision will evolve into applications never seen before.
During this TechDay you will learn new technologies for embedded vision starting from image sensors to full embedded vision learning systems. The speakers provide a story that you will not find on the internet and new applications will be explained with 10 state-of-the-art vision solutions showcased in the afternoon session.

We hope to see you there, and if you are not able to make it feel free to follow us on Social Media where we will provide updates of the event!

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