Back to School: Uploading Code using MPIDE

School is here for some and almost here for others. That means it’s time to dust off the old brain! As educators, we believe anyone can learn electronics and that every skill needs strong fundamentals.


MPIDE is a system developed by chipKIT to easily upload code to microcontroller boards. If you’re just starting out in electrical engineering classes, you’ll probably need to install MPIDE. This Instructable┬áprovides an introduction on installing and using MPIDE. This might seem simple to a lot of people, but everyone had to start somewhere, and knowing the fundamentals is important. If you’ve already got this down, you might want to check out how to install libraries in MPIDE.

With MPIDE, you’ll be able to start using the Microcontroller section on the Learn.Digilentinc website! There are projects that range from blinking an on-board LED to design challenges like this one!

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