Blog Update and Blog Game Winner Announced!

Its almost the weekend and we here at the Digilent blog have a couple of very special announcements to make!

First off, as you may have noticed, the Digilent blog will be scaling back its posting frequency to one post a day. This post will run at 9 A.M. each morning, however if we have something time-dependent, announcements, or special edition posts, those may run over the course of the rest of the day in addition to the 9 A.M. post.


As you may also be familiar with, Digilent had the opportunity to exhibit at ITEEA this past week, featuring our  Zybot, Snake Game and the Monster box…in addition to some new products! There will be more detailing this endeavor next week, as well as showcasing the conception and eventual completion of our brand new demo!

Last but not least, we have the winner of our blog game!! Thank you to all that played, we very much appreciate all of your support and feedback. For those who did not win or get a chance to play, never fear…. there will be similar opportunities in the future!

But without further ado, let us congratulate…..Dave Spinden! For his correct answers, and his brand new chipKIT Max32!

chipKIT Max32, oblique.

The chipKIT Max32 is a fabulous little microcontroller that can be used in a variety of projects, including Bobby’s Mini Piano and a a color changing model house from the Washington State University Hardware Hackathon!


Congratulations again to Dave Spinden, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s Weekly Update!

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