Blog Weekly Giveaway Winner & Next Week’s AD2 Giveaway!

Now that we’re back for the new year, it’s time to announce our blog giveaway winner for the Zybo!

The winner is…


The always useful ZYBO.
The always useful ZYBO.

Hendrik Lipka! Congratulations, Hendrik, and thank you to everyone else who commented and discussed posts with us.

To learn more about our weekly giveaways, see this post. We have made a couple of changes recently. Next week’s giveaway will be an Analog Discovery 2!


With Valentine’s Day approaching, we thought it was important to feature the product that is at the heart of Digilent and Digilent’s mission. Join us in talking about the various posts on the blog. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (and track the #DigilentWinMe tag) for more content.

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19 Comments on “Blog Weekly Giveaway Winner & Next Week’s AD2 Giveaway!”

  1. Congratulations Hendrik, hope to share your fancy projects on the board with us. 🙂

    By the way, I sent a message to you Amber and didn’t get a reply.

    Much Regards

  2. I just read about the Analog Discovery 2 and commented on Instagram. I almost took a class early in my graduate studies that used the Analog Discovery 1. Wish I would of took the course but a controls class aligned more with my goals! I think this product should be used universally in EE degrees now a days since it’s convenient and connects via USB with a notebook. Would take away bulky oscilloscopes that may only be partially utilized in undergraduate studies. #DigilentWinMe

  3. Thanks a lot! I have no clear plan what to do with such a mighty board – probably I need to play around with it a lot to get a feeling for what can be done.
    The most interesting feature is being able to run Linux on the ARM core while having FPGA hardware available. (So if anybody has a good tutorial about that, please share it 🙂

    1. Hi Hendrik,
      Go to and you can find a few tutorials on running Linux on your new Zybo.

  4. If one were to remove the plastic case on the Analog Discovery 2, would it have convenient screw locations in the corner post locations for mounting in a larger system? The API through the Waveforms SDK sounds mighty useful for automating test of larger systems.

  5. I have just recently started looking for a small USB-oscilloscope and/or logic analyzer. Didn’t know about the Analog Discovery 2 before i stumbled across this blog post. The AD2 looks absolutely awesome from its specs. Would love to have a closer look…
    (I’m living in the EU and would happily pay postage and customs. :))

  6. Congrats to Hendrik for the awesome Zybo. We just had our first baby- a son so I win as well 🙂
    For this week, I retweeted at since the Analog Discovery 2 has a lot of awesome sauce inside. Unsure about what I would do with it but I would love to do a simple comparison with the likes of a traditional scope, a BitScope Micro, a portable DSO as well as the Bus Pirate 🙂

    Thanks again Digilent for the great giveaways.

  7. Wish I could afford one now…but I need to pay for the flowers I sent my wife for Valentine’s Day.
    need to get one soon one way or another to help on a project…

  8. Hi,

    Congrats. Is there still a chance to win Zybo..??
    I am desperately waiting for it. Wish to implement MIPSfpga and RISC-V ISA.
    Did lot of work on Altera DE1 in past to help students learn about FPGA. But this Zynq soc thing today is amazing…!!!
    Here are some of my projects on YouTube:

  9. A good idea would be to combine the measurement properties of the Analog Discovery 2 with
    the possibilities of the Xilinx Zynq as a single stand-alone device.

  10. Last year I borrowed a Analog Discovery 1 from a friend of mine and used it to quickly debug a Capacitive Touch Panel interface for a Automotive Project I was contracted for. It was pretty useful because I had to travel to the customer’s HQ, and I didn’t want to carry a big scope with me. The customer was so impressed, they bought a couple of them so they would have it around for their resident engineers.

    Now I have just bought a Zybo and I could use the AD2 in order to debug some IP cores I want to design in my spare time, mainly for controlling motors and actuators, reading sensors and such for automating my apartment and/or a small green-house for growing tomatoes indoors :D.

    I am unable to carry the scope from work, so a pocket-rocket like the AD2 would be a match made in heaven.

    Hell, if I win, I will document everything I do and send it to you guys so you could use it as promotional stuff or as tutorials (by the way, I love your instructables series 😀 – very well explained, great Linux stuff for a beginner like me).

    Keep up the great work guys!!!!

  11. Hi everyone!
    The AD2 seems to be a great companion, specially for beginners and students (affordable too $$).
    Last year my room mate and I, started making our own “lab” (we both are students) buying some second-hand basic stuff, and it should be a must-have all-in-one tool.
    Question, It’s possible to use the digital I/O to control basic stuff of the oscilloscope/function generator?

  12. Congratulations to the last winner! Man, the analog discovery 2 looks like a very useful product.

  13. Hi, it’s me, here its my email: I’m from Mexico.
    This is great, can’t wait to use. I think this is going to be very useful for my electronics classes. Thank you!

  14. This gadget is must have for me ! If I don’t win it during this year before graduation I’ll pay for it once I graduate and work in Embedded Systems’ Engineering, because it’ll be affordable for me then.

    Croisons les doigts !

    1. Hello! Yes, unfortunately we are postponing the blog giveaway but we hope the bring it back within a couple of months. There will also be other ways to win products via blog comments, however they will be more of a surprise. 🙂

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