Blog Weekly Giveaway Winner & Next Week’s LabVIEW Home Bundle Giveaway

Now that we’re back for the new year, it’s time to announce our blog giveaway winner for the Max32 and WS2812 LED Strip!

The winner is…




EVERYONE WHO ENTERED! This week, we realized we had a few extra lying around, and we really wanted to surprise you guys!

To learn more about our weekly giveaways, see this post. Next week’s giveaway¬†will be the LabVIEW Home Bundle! (In fact, there might be more than one of this prize…) This particular winner may be delayed due to the holidays, but that just means more time to enter! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (and track the #WinMe tag) for more content.

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8 Comments on “Blog Weekly Giveaway Winner & Next Week’s LabVIEW Home Bundle Giveaway”

  1. Labview is a fantastic tool for students learning about control and instrumentation. Combine this with something kike an arduino and you have a project made with awesome sauce! Kudos digilent!

  2. WOW, I just finished a class called programming for engineers where we covered this program. It seems extremely useful in terms of high speed product development. I was a bit intimidated at first but in the end I was able to program a fully functioning Oscilloscope interface. Being more of a hardware guy who has never delved into coding I was mighty impressed with how fast I could ‘Code” with Labview.

  3. Recently I have been designing a product, and I am currently looking for a printed circuit board (PCB) design software tool to build my first prototype. From what I have read LabVIEW will not only allow me to build PCB’s, but it will also streamline the software development cycle for my embedded applications via its graphical block diagram software interface. LabVIEW has TCP/IP management IP that will help developers bring their products to the HPC and/or IoT markets at an expedited rate!

  4. I am a 7th grade student and I am interested in computer programming. I see Labview as a great tool to get me started in programming and help me get started with the internet of things (IoT). I want to build robots that can assist people like the elderly or the disabled and build robots that do things that most humans cannot.

  5. LabVIEW and chipKIT are very useful in building Home Automation Systems. The tools allow for an easy automation to lighting, climate and heating control.

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