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As any avid internet user knows, part of what makes watching online videos enjoyable is the variety of available content. Pet videos, inspirational videos, action, comedy, you name it. In my mind then, a well-rounded channel would be one that provides multiple of these categories; something that the Digilent YouTube channel does very well.

Some of you might say, “Wait a minute, I thought Digilent only did the video lectures for EE/CS classes?” To be fair, that is a large majority of what Digilent posted on its YouTube channel in the past. But we’ve decided to broaden our horizons a bit and while we may not have any (in)famous cat videos (yet), we do have something for everybody.

Feeling bored and need an inspiring project? Check out the Show and Tell playlist for a series of projects like the Soda Can Theremin.

Need a laugh? Go Behind the Scenes to watch one of our employees get smacked in the head by her own project.

Want the scoop on the latest Digilent tech? The Product Highlight playlist is where you should be looking.

Perhaps you’re more of an action fan? The Digilent Maker Space has some great videos like the LabVIEW Racing Robots.

Whatever your fix might be, the Digilent YouTube channel has something for you. Check it out!


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