Build your own “Writers Block”

Personally, I have noticed that I tend to get all of my ideas at once, and even if I write them down I still rarely end up looking back through my notes later. The goal of this device is to provide a simple, easy-to-use solution to that problem.


Thus, the “Writer’s Block” was born!

(Also I am a sucker for a good pun).

The way it works is it sits on your desk, and whenever you have an idea/question/observation you press the record button on the side of the box and say your thought aloud. The box then stores the recording, writing it as a file to your desktop (or location of your choosing). Then later when you feel stuck, you just hit the red button on top and it will start spewing your previous thoughts back at you in a random order.


This project utilizes LabVIEW and the chipKIT WF32 to achieve this goal, with all of the hardware stored in the box and LabVIEW running in the background.


If you’re interested in building your own, please check out my Instructable here!

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