Buy One Get One Free: DMC 60 Motor Controller


A few weeks ago, we announced our DMC 60 new product. To celebrate, we are doing our first ever, buy one, get one free promotion! After all, the best things come in pairs. Two eyes, two poptarts, VCC and ground, and… robot wheels.

This is perfect for FRC teams that have burned out a motor controller, if you need a spare, or if you are wanting to move a large robot!

To get the promotion:

  1. Just go to our site.
  2. Cart the motor controller
  3. And the second free one will automatically show up in your cart!

Once you add the product to your cart, you will see this pop up:

to check that you got your free Motor Controller, go to see “VIEW CART”

You should see your free Motor Controller!

We are excited about the projects that will come out of this! If you love robots as much as we do… make sure to share!

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