Buy Your FPGAs from Our New Website!

Do you love Digilent’s FPGAs? Do you dream of the ZYBO and Nexys 4 DDR? Beginning now, you will now be redirected to our new website when you attempt to buy any of our FPGAs.

If you’re more comfortable with our old website, you can go there to start your purchase, but you will be redirected.

If you start here...
If you start here…'ll be taken here, where you can complete your purchase.
…you’ll be taken here, where you can complete your purchase.

Featuring a sleek, fresh look and an approachable navigation system that makes it easier to find what you’re looking for, Digilent’s new website is your new best friend when it comes to finding your favorite FPGA. In fact, the new site also comes with a new academicĀ verification system that simplifies getting the correspondingĀ pricing. Register today just in time to do some holiday shopping (including the brand new Arty board)!

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