Check out the Project Vault

A little while ago James posted about how to use the Digilent Forum to get the best help. The reason I bring up old, but still exciting, news is that I would like to highlight a particular section of the Forum, the Project Vault.

If you scroll down below the technical forums, under general discussion, you will find the Project Vault.

Under general discussion you will find the project vault.
Under General Discussion you will find the Project Vault.

The project vault is a place where users are encouraged to share their projects that use Digilent products for all other forum users to see. If you think you made an awesome project and want to share it, this is the place to do it. Another great way to use the project vault is to look at other users’ projects and be inspired. Remember though, someone worked really hard on these projects and a little credit goes a long way.

The project vault! Not nearly as dark and dusty as it sounds.
The Project Vault! Not nearly as dark and dusty as it sounds.

Right now in the Project Vault you’ll find such projects as:

Jcolvin's color invaders.
Jcolvin’s color invaders.


Hamster's computer.
Hamster’s computer.


Hamster's project using the PmodMAXSONAR.
Hamster’s project using the PmodMAXSONAR.


Dan Strother's NES simulator.
Dan Strother’s NES simulator.


There are also loads of other user created projects.
You may now be wondering, other than sharing my project with the world and inspiring others, why on earth would I ever want to post on the Project Vault? Well, if you post a project that we think is super awesome, you could be featured on the Digilent blog.


Now go get one of our products, make something awesome, and share it with the world!

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