Check Out This chipKIT Shield Separator!

Have you ever had trouble separating your shields and boards? So did we, but not anymore! Use this shield separator tool to pry between your chipKIT or Arduino board and a shield to easily separate the two and avoid bending the pins on your shield. It also has a hole so you can keep it on your key ring and have it wherever you go. I designed the tool in Autodesk Inventor and printed it with our Makerbot Replicator, and it turned out great!


The shield separator, chipKIT WF32 and Basic I/O Shield.
Use the shield separator to pry between the board and the shield.
Nobody likes bent pins!
Also comes in a boring square.

If you’re attending the Microchip MASTERs¬†Conference next week, our very own Keith Vogel and Gene Apperson will have some to give away in their classes and at the Digilent booth!


You can also download the files for 3D printing here.

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