chipKIT Uno32 vs. chipKIT Pro MX4

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You may have noticed there are a variety of chipKITTM products out there, but which one should you use?

Today, I’ll be highlighting two of Digilent’s microcontrollers, specifically the chipKIT Uno32 and the chipKIT Pro MX4.

Let’s get started by taking a look at the Uno32:

Digilent's chipKIT Uno32
Digilent’s chipKIT Uno32

With its PIC32MX320F128 microcontroller from Microchip, the Uno32 is able to handle almost anything you can throw at it (presumably, we’re talking about code). The board can be powered through USB as well as through an external power supply, so you can take this compact microcontroller with you wherever you go.


The biggest benefit that the Uno32 offers is its versatility. Digilent designed the board to be compatible with a variety of shields for expanded functionality. Everything from Digilent’s extensive line of PMods, to the WiFi shield or the Protoshield for those who want to have their personal signature in their work, is now at your fingertips.


As hard as it is, let’s now turn our attention to the chipKIT Pro MX4:

Digilent's chipKIT Pro MX4
Digilent’s chipKIT Pro MX4



Don’t be fooled; although this microcontroller looks a little more clunky than it’s Uno32 cousin, there’s no denying its raw power. With twice as much static memory as the Uno32 and support for peripheral functions, such as USB, UART, SPI, and I2CTM, the chipKIT Pro MX4 can easily communicate with a huge variety of components.


Furthermore, the MX4 has nine of its own PMod headers so that it can readily connect with the same PMods also available
to the Uno32.


Let us know which one you prefer to use for your projects!

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