chipKIT Wi-FIRE Takes the Stage!

There is some exciting new course material available through Imagination Technologies! Developed in collusion with Digilent and Microchip, the Connected MCU Lab is a ground-breaking introductory course for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science students to learn about micro-controllers (MCUs). This course is designed to take under-graduate students with a cursory knowledge of C programming and teach them how to interface MCUs with the Internet of Things. The course is designed to be one semester long and is available to universities world-wide.

This course is based around the chipKIT Wi-FIRE board from Digilent. The Wi-FIRE uses Microchip’s PIC32 processor and incorporates a 32-bit MIPS CPU from Imagination Technologies. For expansion, the course uses the chipKIT basic I/O shield, and for debugging, it uses the PICkit 3 In-Circuit Debugger. All of these devices are available through Digilent’s store, online.

steve thumbSteve Johnson, Digilent’s president, says: “At Digilent, our mission is to make electrical engineering and design technologies understandable and accessible to all, by providing high-value, industry-relevant educational tools and curriculum to educators and students. We are proud to partner with Imagination and Microchip to offer this new course that introduces students to the exciting world of cloud-connected embedded devices. As part of the Connected MCU Lab, the chipKIT Wi-FIRE boards will help students get projects up and running quickly, and open a large selection of options they can utilize in the development process to empower them to create ambitious solutions.”

The Connected MCU Lab has been creating quite a buzz, and has been featured in articles on Yahoo Finance, Electronics Weekly, EE Times Europe, and Nasdaq! For more information about the course, please visit Imagination Technologies’ community site, here.

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