Come See Digilent At ASEE 2016!

Summer is in full swing but despite the respectable heat here in Pullman, Digilent is heading up and out to sunny New Orleans for the 2016 ASEE conference!

ASEE stands for American Society for Engineering Education, and the official website describes their mission pertaining to the annual conference as follows:

“The ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition is the only conference dedicated to all disciplines of engineering education. It is committed to fostering the exchange of ideas, enhancing teaching methods and curriculum, and providing prime networking opportunities for engineering and technology education stakeholders such as deans, faculty members and industry and government representatives.”

This conference is one of our most highly anticipated here at Digilent, and we are always excited to go show our products and why we think learning electronics are so integral to modern day engineering. Last year, we were able to showcase the Analog Discovery, our FPGA boards, Robot Kits, and more!

Our Teaching FPGA Boards that include the Basys, Nexys, Zybo and the newest Nexys Video

We placed a heavy emphasis on our product portability and the students ability to own them, take them home, and reuse them. Additionally we demonstrated the power of our products through a few choice demos, including the Zybot, the Snake Game and LabVIEW Physical Computing Kit LED Demo.

The Zybot

We had an absolute blast teaching, and helping people teach electronics and we could not be more excited to come back. This year we will again be equipped with brand new demos that illustrate the capacities of our products and kits. We will be featuring the infamous Claw Game,  an Analog Discovery 2 network analyzer, an Analog Discovery 2 logic analyzer, static demos for FPGA and Pmod, an entirely Pmod-powered Snake Game and more!

Claw Game
Much to the delight and future frustration of the masses, the Claw Game will be appearing at ASEE!

We will also be bringing a Zybo Pmod Pack Demo, which is an embedded Linux implementation that incorporates Pmod and FPGA IP cores. It involves two software components, once you can interact with Linux on the Zybo via Bluetooth. That is what you can see on the display. The second program takes Bluetooth terminal readings and prints them on PmodOLED. Both the FPGA and processing system were developed using PetaLinux tools.


So make sure you come say hi to us at our booth this year, and feel free to shout at us on our Twitter or other social media networks to find us and get connected!

We hope to see you there!

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