Come See the Universal Development Board!

Have you been looking for a microcontroller development board that you can use for a wide variety of PIC, PIM and DIP arrangements?  We have the board for you! The Universal Development Board (UDB)  was created for anyone who wants to be able to utilize multiple functionalities on the same board.  You can easily use this board for multiple microcontroller development projects, which makes this board really useful and cool! This board is complex, but don’t be scared away–all the functionality you require was thought of and put into this board.

So many possibilities with this board…

We worked together with Microchip® to develop a microcontroller development board that would be the ultimate go-to for both our own engineers and you, our consumers. This board was made to be compatible with the Microchip Explorer 16 Development board™, and many of the demos for that board will also work on the UDB.  This board has so many different options that our engineers working on the next generation chipKIT products use it. What can you do with all this functionality on one board? Let us know!



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