Come See Us at Embedded World 2015!

Digilent and its EU distribution partner, Trenz Electronic, will have a joint booth at Embedded World 2015 in Nuremberg, Germany from February 24-26.

Trenz and Digilent joint booth at Embedded World 2015!
Trenz and Digilent joint booth at Embedded World 2015!


It has become tradition to demonstrate how our latest technology modules help both academic and maker communities to integrate with their “learning by doing” process. Having said this, I am so excited to disclose some of the highlights of our demos.


Discover a complex, 2-in-1 demo, the Nexys 4 DDR Spectral with a Nexys 4 DDR whose on-board microphone is set to capture its environmental audio signal. The audio signal is shown both in the time domain and frequency domain (spectrum) on a VGA display. The spectrum is also shown on a 30 color LED string.

Nexys 4 DDR Spectral demo
Nexys 4 DDR Spectral demo.


We also have a demo that shows a beta version of the WaveForms 3 software (with the Analog Discovery) in use with a Digilent ZYBO board that is running on an embedded Linux OS.

WaveForms 3 with Analog Discovery runs on Zybo demo
WaveForms 3 with Analog Discovery running on ZYBO.


The ZYBO Smart Car is powered by Digilent ZYBO featuring Xilinx Zynq technology. It is one of the item in Zrobot line, the educational kit solely developed by Digilent China. We featured it in another blog post the other day.

The ZYBO Smart Car!
The ZYBO Smart Car!

The Basys3 object tracking demo created by  Digilent China tracks an object via its camera. The Basys 3 Artix 7 FPGA board first memorizes the object, and then once we move it, the camera will follow it. The board is a locked version of Xilinx Vivado® Design Edition.

Basys 3 demo
Basys 3 demo.

Come and see us in Hall 1 Booth 1-208. You can see our powerful NetFPGA-SUME,  which features one of the most largest and complex FPGAs ever produced, a Xilinx Virtex-7 690T, build in collaboration with Cambridge and Stanford University. You can also learn more about our new products to come.


If you can’t join us, check back later for updates on our blog.

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3 Comments on “Come See Us at Embedded World 2015!”

  1. I love that they have the LED’s running on an FPGA, is that demo available to share?

  2. Glad you like it.
    Mircea build it, so it is!

  3. I like the Nexys 4 DDR demo. It is really good. Want to learn how to make it.

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