Composing a “Digilent Style” Photo

Here at Digilent, we like to have a little fun every now and then, which we aim to show on our social media sites. However, all this fun is not always easy to catch on film. There is a lot to be said for being in the right place at the right time. However, regardless of the situation, composition is key.


When composing a photo, we often start by setting up a shot following the “rule of thirds”. This is a common rule taught by photographers that divides images into three horizontal and three vertical sections to improve visual interest. By placing a subject in one of the off-center linear intersections, the photo is more likely to elicit interest from its audience. Subjects that are placed in the middle of a photograph often create a flattened image where space is not efficiently used. Placing objects off to the side helps give your images more depth and creates visual flow for your viewers.


Rule of Thirds
The rule of thirds as demonstrated by red lines with circled intersecting points.


Looking through your lens, you can begin to imagine these dividing lines before taking a photo. As you line up your horizon with either the top or bottom rule of thirds line, you are able to set the stage for your subject matter. When a subject has more visual interest below the horizon, aligning the horizon line along the top third of the image will help display this interest more prominently. The same concept also applies when your visual interest is above the horizon line. In this case the horizon line looks best when aligned near the bottom third of the photograph to provide more space for your subject of interest.


Here we notice activity above the horizon line, which aligns with the bottom third of the image.

Office Romance
Image from Instagram.


The focus of this image is below our horizon line, which aligns with the top third of our photo.

Turbo is Back
Image from Instagram.


At this point we can start thinking about composing our “Digilent style” photo. Our mix of play and technological progress is best demonstrated with a humorous attitude that appears upbeat and innovative. Finding interactions that are fun and unique is therefore very important for a Digilent style photo.


When looking for these interactions, paying attention to your surroundings is essential. Be warned that appealing interactions are not always large-scale events. Some of the best photos are found by looking at small subjects from a creative perspective.


Sometimes we find our best inspiration in smaller objects.

Image from Instagram
Image from Instagram.


No matter the size of interaction, your focus should always be on your subject. Minimizing background noise will help any photographer achieve focused photos for their audience to enjoy.

Image from Instagram
Image from Instagram.


Whether taking photos of ongoing events or staging these yourself, a continued innovation and attention to fun will help you achieve Digilent style photos in no time!


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