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If you happen to find yourself cooped up inside during these long winter months, at the very least you are likely to find yourself with plenty of opportunity to work on projects! And to help you out with that, Tis the season of a few very special Digilent promotions guaranteed to make your time inside, a time to thrive!

First up on our list is the ongoing customer survey promotion. Get 10% off your next order, just for participating in 22 quick questions!

These questions are designed to help us better understand and connect with our audience, so thank you to all that participate!

Next up is the introduction of the new flat rate shipping!

Over the years we have gotten feedback from many of our customers that our shipping rates were a bit on the high side. Since then, it’s been high on our priority list to find lower-cost options that we could offer. This past year, an opportunity to move carriers presented itself and we took it!

So now when our U.S. based customers (including Hawaii and Alaska) checkout, you will have a “Flat Rate Option, for 9.99” (that is almost half of what our ground shipping used to be!).

If you spend over $250, then flat rate shipping drops to $4.99.

And, If you spend over $500, then shipping is free!

Admittedly, this is less of a promotion and more of a new standard, but we are super excited to make the transition.

Last but not least we wanted to highlight a current product sale, the DMC 60 Digital Motor Controller! This powerful motor controller is a must have for any robotics project.

The DMC 60 is approved for use in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). Additionally it is designed to be electrically/mechanically compatible with the Victor SP motor controller.

We hope you get a chance to take advantage of one (or all!) of these promotions, and we are excited to see what is made in the coming months!

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