Cyber Monday 2017

Start your holidays right with our one-day-only Cyber Monday Sale featuring some of your favorite products! With deals too good to be true, you won’t want to miss what we’re offering. The event will be live on November 27th, 2017 from 12:00am to 11:59pm (Pacific Time) with deals you won’t see again! Continue reading below to find details about our special promotional day and learn more about what we’re offering.

Official Cyber Monday Rules: Before planning your exciting Cyber Monday purchase please note the changes that may be necessary to participate.

Bundled discounts (i.e. specials involving Instrumentation devices) cannot be combined in a single order, however multiple purchases can be made to take advantage of the Cyber Monday specials. Bundled discounts can be combined in cart with the ZedBoard and uC32 discounts without having to make separate purchases. Discounted ZedBoards and uC32s can be purchased in as large of quantity as desired in a single shopping cart. Academic accounts will not be eligible for Cyber Monday discounts (i.e. Cyber Monday discounts apply to non-academic product price) and verified academic shoppers must sign out of their account and purchase as a guest (or through an alternative standard account) to be eligible for Cyber Monday discounted ratesFlat rate shipping rates will continue to apply to U.S. purchases with orders exceeding $250 receiving the $4.99 shipping rate, and orders over $500 receiving free shipping!

Free Adapter with Instrumentation Purchase

To kick off Cyber Monday we’re offering a free adapter with any Instrumentation purchase. When you purchase an Analog Discovery 2, Digital Discovery, or OpenScope MZ you will get your choice of one free Breadboard Adapter, BNC Adapter, or High Speed Adapter! Whether you are looking for an adapter to compliment your Cyber Monday instrumentation purchase, or adding an adapter to your another instrumentation device at home, you can mix and match between all nine choices and choose the pair that best compliments your future project visions. Find resources to get your projects up and running in no time with the free Instrumentation Getting Started Guides available on the Digilent Wiki.

Free LabVIEW Home Edition with Analog Discovery 2 Purchase

This Cyber Monday we will also be giving away a free LabVIEW Home Edition with any Analog Discovery 2 purchase. We have discussed the project possibilities of using the Analog Discovery 2 with LabVIEW in previous posts, some of which include creating an interactive interface called LabForms and accessing automated testing and data analysis capabilities in an ECG circuit. With LabVIEW Home, you gain access to a graphical programming platform used by millions of engineers and scientists for problem solving, data acquisition & analysis, instrument control, automated testing & validation, prototyping and more. Find additional information about the Analog Discovery 2 on the Digilent Wiki and decide whether this bundle is right for you!

Analog Discovery 2 or Digital Discovery and Get 50% off a Basys MX3

Another limited time special offered this Cyber Monday gives you 50% off a Basys MX3 with the purchase of an Analog Discovery 2 or Digital Discovery. Use either of these instrumentation devices to debug and visualize signals by connecting their flywires to any Pmod ports or the Analog Discovery connector on our true MCU trainer board. Browse additional information about the Basys MX3 PIC32MX on the Digilent Wiki and find out what this embedded systems trainer board can do for you!

40% off the ZedBoard Zynq-7000 Development Board

This year we have also decided to discount the ZedBoard Zynq-7000 Development Board, which will be available for 40% off! Recently, the ZedBoard gained some notoriety with its use at NASA while helping to replace older space station equipment that will be tested later this year. The ZedBoard has also helped other well-known industry leaders in the past, working to replace failing equipment in a NICAM distribution system at BBC Radio. With everything necessary to create a Linux®, Android®, Windows®, or other OS/RTOS based design, and several expansion connectors for easy user access, it is no wonder that professionals and inventors alike favor this board in their development toolkit. Visit the Digilent Wiki to learn more about the features and projects accomplished while using the the ZedBoard.

50% off the uC32 PIC32 Microcontroller Board

As our final gift to you, we are offering 50% off the popular uC32 PIC microcontroller board! This deal, like the ZedBoard, can be combined with any of the above deals to enhance your project and development needs. The uC32 is based on the popular Arduino™ open-source hardware prototyping platform, making it easy to use and suitable for both beginners and advanced users experimenting with electronics and embedded control systems. Explore past projects and additional resources on the Digilent Wiki as you consider adding this powerful microcontroller to your electronics collection.

While these offers may only last for one day, we want to help you achieve future goals by getting the most out of your Cyber Monday spending! Please share and help us promote these specials with friends on social media so that nobody misses out on these one day only specials.

After receiving your Cyber Monday purchase(s), don’t forget to share your creations on social media as we always look forward to seeing what you develop and invent!

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