Cyber Monday Sale

With the holidays quickly approaching, we’re setting up our wish lists (and helping with yours too!). This Cyber Monday we’ve quite possibly overdone it with discounts, giving you the perfect opportunity to finish some early holiday shopping! Many of our favorite products will be available for up to 50% off their original price, so go ahead and put a few in your cart for a friend, or yourself (don’t worry, we won’t judge).

Find out what we’re most excited about below with products perfect for putting you in the holiday spirit. Then create a personal wish list in your Digilent Store account to make checkout a breeze when the sales begin!

Cyber Monday sales start on November 28th for ONE DAY ONLY so mark your calendars because we wouldn’t want you to miss out on these amazing deals!


Brighten up your house with discounted WS2812 addressable, and waterproof, LED strips. They’re the perfect addition to any project with external protection to keep them safe in varying climates. Find projects that show off the many uses we’ve found for these lights around the office.


Give your toys something to talk about with the WF32 WiFi enabled microcontroller. This special little board can provide WiFi capability to any project joining the IoT movement. Its 32-bit MIPS processor core and 7V power at input make this device a makerspace essential you won’t want to miss!


Parts Kits

Give your projects the parts they need with newly discounted parts kits. Bring projects into the physical world with the LabVIEW Parts Kit, filled with components any serious engineer will need. Or begin your journey into breadboarding with a comprehensive Starter Kit, great for engineers who want to begin exploring the world of microcontrollers.


Don’t forget to stop by the Digilent Store on November 28th for discounts that will make your head spin. Browse the store to find site wide product discounts and remember to add a couple of Pmods to your collection before you go!


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