Digilent and CNFM Workshop in Paris

Digilent, in partnership with Coordination Nationale pour la Formation en Microléctronique (CNFM), is happy to announce the “Teaching Digital Design with Student-Owned FPGA Lab Platforms” workshop at Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris. The workshop will take place June 23-24.


This workshop will demonstrate how students can learn about digital circuits through hands-on, project-based, open-ended exercises. Professors will be able to find out how low-cost, student-owned hardware, along with free programming software, can be used to teach digital design in an attractive yet challenging way, demonstrating that high-level theoretical abstraction can be made fun with  practical, spectacular projects.


Digilent’s Basys3 board and the free WebPack version of Vivado from Xilinx expose students to the newest technologies in both hardware (the Artix 7 FPGA family from Xilinx) and software. The examples will use VHDL language and will demonstrate RTL design flow, IP core usage, simulation, and hardware debugging.

Digilent CNFM workshop
Digilent CNFM workshop.

The workshop presenter, Mircea Dabacan, is a professor of applied electronics at Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Dr. Dabacan works in data acquisition systems, digital design, and embedded systems, and was formerly a visiting professor at Washington State University. He also manages the Romanian branch of Digilent Inc.


To find out more, check out http://cmos.cnfm.fr/index.php/xilinx/workshop-digilent.

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