Digilent at OpenHW Contest Ceremony and Xilinx Academy Day 2015 in China

Every year, Xilinx University Program (XUP) holds the OpenHW Contest worldwide to let students use the latest technology to create innovative projects, to increase awareness of the open-source hardware community globally, and to encourage students to learn the latest technology. With Digilent’s educational mission, we are one the premium sponsors for this event.



This year, there are hundreds of student teams enrolled in the contest. Teams used the ZYBO, Basys 3, Nexys 4 DDR, and Zedboard to create different FPGA or  embedded systems applications, including game development, image processing, 3D printing , robotics, artificial intelligence, and embedded Linux .  The top 30 teams will gather in Beijing to showcase their projects. The award ceremony will be held in conjunction with annual Xilinx Academy Day in Weihai, China on July 23-26.


Steve, Digilent’s president, will give a keynote speech about trends in education, Digilent’s educational mission, and our commitment to Chinese universities — enhancing their educational and research programs. Professors across China will also present their educational work and research. Additionally, we will showcase the latest Digilent tools and cool projects together with E-elements, our distributor for greater China. E-elements will be holding workshops to show educators how to use Digilent tools in the teaching.


We are looking forward to the innovative student projects and meeting professors in China.



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