Digilent Blog Weekly Giveaway Winner & This Week’s Giveaway!


Now that we’re back for the new year, it’s time to announce our blog giveaway winner for the Pmod Adapter for NI myRIO, Pmod TC1, PmodALS, and PmodMIC3.

The winner is…


PmodMIC3 front

Rei Vilo!

To learn more about our weekly giveaways, see this post. Next week’s giveaway will be the chipKIT Max32 and a WS2812 LED Strip! (In fact, there might be more than one of this prize…) This particular winner may be delayed due to the holidays, but that just means more time to enter! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (and track the #WinMe tag) for more content.

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    • Maverick Greystone on

      I thought the demo Dharsan did where he used different Pmods with Labview was cool. I am following you guys on YouTube and Twitter so I can see more. I think it’s great that you’re offering a discount on the Pmods in the video! Maybe you demo that new OLEDrgb next 🙂

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