Digilent Celebrates National Week Of Making

Today (June 16th) is a very exciting day, as it is the kickoff of the 2016 National Week of Making! This White House sponsored event is in celebration of makers all around the world, as well as the general spirit of American innovation. Check out the official White House livestream, starting at 1 P.M. EDT!

Image courtesy of the White House

We here at Digilent could not be more excited for this week, and are celebrating accordingly- by making! We are getting those last few parts, dusting off old projects, and committing to creating our ideas.We encourage everyone to do so as well!

In addition to a free and open National Maker Faire held at the University of the District of Columbia campus, the White House is commemorating 10 “Champions of Change for Making”.

Here at the White House, we just announced 10 individuals who have been selected as Champions of Change for Making and will be celebrating them here at an event this Friday

-Andrew Coy, Senior Advisor for Making

These inspiring individuals are profiled here, and in celebration we here at Digilent have decided to do some profiles of our own! We are going to show some raw snapshots of the in-house projects people are working on- And make sure to stay tuned until the end of the week to see if they are successfully completed or advanced upon!

Jay’s Project: Jay is working on a tutorial to use timer interrupts with the DP32, which will ultimately allow him to control a stepper motor with timer interrupts.


This will all culminate in a project involving a balancing plate and ball, similar to this one!

Jay’s Inspiration

Ella’s Project: Ella is working on integrating Waveforms with LabVIEW, to allow her to use the Analog Discovery 2 with her VI’s! This will be incorporated into her DIY Excerise Box project, designed to measure your landing quality as well as the time between each jump and the force of each landing. This gives the user valuable metrics regarding their workouts, and with LabVIEW it can be visually tracked and represented to best assist the exercise!13383905_10208171924168671_1166056870_o

Andrew’s Project: Andrew is working on interfacing Arty with the Pmod Compass, which will allow him to capitalize on the 3-axis digital compass and 160 Hz maximum data output rate. He is also working on a python based alarm clock to ensure that not only does he wake up in the morning, but that he stays awake.


Brandon’s Project: Brandon is working on the infamous The Claw Game, and using the Arty he is going to add some LED strips for maximum visual appeal!20160617_094513

You see, the more attractive the Claw Game becomes, the more people it can draw in to frustrate and make them relive childhood memories of perpetual irritation. This is noble work we are doing here.

We hope that these projects can serve to help inspire you for this week, and feel free to leave any suggestions or tell us what your working on in the comments below. And make sure to check back before the end of the week and see how these projects are doing as they evolve into blog posts and Instructables!

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