Digilent.com Is Live!

Have you ever found yourself irritated or confused trying to remember to add the “inc” when you’re searching for Digilent’s website or store? Now, you don’t have to! Typing in “digilent.com” will now take you to our site!

If you start here...
If you start here…
...you'll be taken here, where you can complete your purchase.
…you’ll be taken here, where you can complete your purchase.

In fact, store.blog.digilentinc.com is completely active now. If you search for blog.digilentinc.com or digilent.com, they will re-direct to the new site.

Visit our site today to pick up what you need! May we suggest an Analog Discovery 2 or Arty board?



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One Comment on “Digilent.com Is Live!”

  1. Wooo! There’s now the ability to make wishlists. Now when I do a project I can put one link to a wishlist rather than a ton of separate links.

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