Digilent Is Sponsoring 1st Annual WSU Hardware Hackathon

As a marketing intern at Digilent, I have been working closely with the IEEE WSU Student chapter president on the first annual WSU Hardware Hackathon. That president just so happens to be me. For the last few years as a student I’ve realized that WSU has been missing a large opportunity to promote student learning and ingenuity. A hardware hackathon! As the IEEE president, I’ve been organizing the event with the help of the WSU Robotics Club¬†and Palouse Robosub.

Hardware Hackathon Logo.
Hardware Hackathon logo.

The Hardware Hackathon is a 24-hour hacking event that will take place in the WSU Intelligent Robot Learning Laboratory, Frank Innovation Zone, and IEEE Student Lounge.

The theme of this year’s Hardware Hackathon is the Internet of Things (IoT). Don’t know what the Internet of Things is? Check out Josh’s blog post where he explains.

We currently have a website, Facebook, email, and Twitter for the event, and registration is open!

The hardware hackathon facebook page.
The Hardware Hackathon Facebook page.

Students will have access to a variety of donated Digilent parts. The main brain boards that Digilent is providing are the Basys 3,the ZYBO, and the chipKIT WF32.

One of the Boxes of parts Digilent donated.
One of the boxes of parts Digilent donated.

Along with those boards they are providing us with a wide variety of other parts, including chipKIT Starter Kits, Analog Parts kits, some MRK +LIne and SRK + Line Kits, and tons of other parts.

All of the boxes of parts Digilent has donated so far.
All of the boxes of parts Digilent has donated so far.

Stay tuned for more posts about the 1st Annual WSU Hardware Hackathon with our sponsor Digilent as I get more into planning, and then as the actual event happens!


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