Digilent Recognizes Digi-Key as The Best Distributor of the Year 2016

Digilent Inc. has recently named Digi-Key Electronics, Inc. the Best Distributor for Year 2016. The award was presented by Alex Wong, Distribution Sales Manager at Digilent and given to Levy Olson, Manager, Semiconductor Product Group and Zach Johnson, Marketing Programs Coordinator of Digi-Key at the 2017 EDS Banquet in Las Vegas, NV.


The award is based on the distributor performance in terms of sales, business growth, customer satisfaction and service excellence during 2016. Digi-Key Electronics is a key contributor to the channel ecosystem of Digilent Inc., reaching double-digit growth in the global market. With an impressive selection of online resources, Digi-Key is committed to stocking all Digilent tools including Xilinx based FPGA boards, Peripheral Modules (Pmods), JTAG programmers and instrumentation tools, providing the best service possible to Digilents’ customers.

“Increasing time-to-market pressures have led to the growing demand for rapid prototyping platforms,” said David Stein, Vice-President Global Semiconductors for Digi-Key. “Digilent’s affordable embedded development kits and portable instrumentation tools let designers evaluate the silicon and the latest technology more easily through easy-to-use development tools.”

“A significant portion of Digilent’s business is through distributors. Making a strong partnership with distributors is a key to our success. We collaborate with Digi-Key to provide a wide range of services to a broad customer base,” said Steven Johnson, President of Digilent Inc. “Digi-Key has committed to offering excellent service to engineers, hobbyists and makers, which allows us to get products to market faster. We look forward to continuing this engagement to reach and support every customer around the world.”

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