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Hello and welcome back to the Digilent blog!

We have a special announcement to make, starting this Monday, we are offering free shipping on each and every order over $100! This will continue until the end of March.  Shop our Digilent store now!

Its like Christmas in March!
Its like Christmas in March!


Not only is this a prime opportunity to grab your Analog Discovery 2 or Zybo, it is also a great time to purchase some of our closer-to-$100 FPGA boards. Both our Basys 3 ($149.00) and the Arty ($99.00) would (after tax!) qualify you for the promotion.

Other popular products in the $100 dollar range include the LabVIEW home bundle ($89.00), chipKIT Starter Kit ($119.00) and our chipKIT Pro MX7  ($99.00).

chipKIT Starter Kit contents.
chipKIT Starter Kit contents.


Perhaps its time to finally learn LabVIEW (which thanks to the MakerHub is becoming more powerful and easier to interface with hardware than ever!), or maybe its just a fabulous opportunity to grab some components for that project that you have been meaning to start. Either way, its time to seize the moment (and the necessary hardware) for today is the day! Carpe Diem!

Actually… to be specific Monday. Monday is the day.

And if you find yourself in that frustrating purgatory with your order just shy of reaching our free shipping threshold, feel free to check out some of our most popular products in the ten dollar range to give you the boost you need!

Such as our PCB ruler ($4.99), Powerbricks ($16.99, James explains more about these here!) or the always handy zUNO clips ($7.99)!

Digilent PCB Ruler, oblique.
PBC Ruler, the cutting edge in both measuring and awesomeness.

If you need something in the 17-50 dollar range to reach the free shipping, check out our extensive collection of Pmods, and add that extra element of interactivity to your project!

Additionally if your project idea has anything to do with gaming, simplifying your daily routine, or even a bucket (yes, literally a bucket), this is the time to get started, as Instructables.com happens to be running project contest on these particular topics right now!

How often does one get to show off their expertise involving buckets?

If you are in need of some further inspiration, I would recommend checking out some of Digilent’s own creations that utilize the products listed above including:

Jousting Robots which uses the chipKIT WF32PmodJSTK and PmodACL.

Picture of Building Jousting Robots

Behind You! Anti-Creeper System which uses LabVIEW, LabVIEW MakerHub LINX, the chipKIT WF32PmodHB5, and the PmodMAXSONAR.


Claw Game (Instructable Collection in Progress) which uses Basys 3, PmodSTEP, and PmodJSTK.


*Quick disclaimer, this offer is exclusive to USA / Domestic Ground Shipping .

Have a great weekend, and happy making (and promotion advantage-taking!)

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