Digilent YouTube Gets a Facelift

Some exciting things are coming down the pipeline in Digilent’s video department. The Digilent, Inc. YouTube channel has been around for almost six years, and it has been used primarily to give the public access to video material which supplements our educational programs. There are currently over 250 videos on our channel, the vast majority of which are educational. However, in the coming months, we plan on producing videos much more regularly and with a much more varied focus.


We have already begun by starting a weekly product highlight series called our “Show and Tell” segment!


We are also planning¬†monthly or biweekly Pmod highlight videos, weekly box-opening videos, weekly or biweekly educational videos (which will correlate with Digilent Learn Modules), and anything fun or interesting we can think of¬†— like this remix of our product launch video for the Basys 3.

Keep checking back for any updates on the YouTube channel!

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