Digital Logic and Arty- Demo Video Released!

Coming straight out of the first floor of Henley Court! Fresh from the Digilent Studio! We bring you one of our latest videos from Arty!

Ok, so we didn’t actually debut our first album, but if you are curious about low level digital logic, you should check out this video.

In our video, we cover an adder circuit and its implementation on Arty.

An Arty in use, from this years Digilent Design Contest
An Arty in use, from this years Digilent Design Contest

For those of you who are unfamiliar with low level digital logic concepts, you can get a quick crash course in the design process from this video. You’ll also get to see how demos can be adapted to different boards using their respective IO or using Pmods. In our preview clip here you can catch a glimpse of some of the logic design methodology used in the project, illustrating the truth table for the adder circuit and a logic gate diagram, as well as a quick look at the project running on Arty with Pmods.


You can check out our demo video with Arty at this link, and if you are curious for more digital logic information, you should check out the modules on our Learn site. If you have any project suggestions for things you would like to see implemented on Arty, or if you would like to see more instructional content, please let us know!

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