Display Weather and Location Using the chipKIT WF32 and LabVIEW

After getting used to the chipKIT WF32, I wanted to do something interesting with it that didn’t require any additional hardware.  With that in mind, I created this simple program using only the LabVIEW Physical Computing Kit which contains LabVIEW Home Bundle and the chipKIT WF32. The on-board buttons on chipKIT WF32 and basic LabVIEW blocks are utilized to display the outside temperature in your area or your current location depending on which button is pressed.  Using LabVIEW MakerHub LINX, the WF32 can be controlled using LabVIEW.



A 2-channel digital read command is used to determine if the on-board buttons are pressed.  When a button is pressed, your computer goes to the specified URL in the block diagram and a LabVIEW function block is used to look for a specific part of the URL string that contains the desired information. Next, the string is processed so that the extra characters in the string located before and after the actual information you want are ignored. This gives either weather or temperature depending on which button is pressed.  Check out the block diagram below to see the LabVIEW code.



Here is a picture of what appears when the first button is pushed!  I wish it was still 69°F outside…



The Instructable for this project can be found here.


I will soon be posting in depth projects using LabVIEW and the WF32, (with the inclusion of Pmods) so stay tuned.


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