Does It Fit?!: The zUNO Clip Edition and Giveaway

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A few weeks ago, we posted about the new zUNO Clip. Since then, we at Digilent have been wondering — what do you use yours for? What fits in it? We came up with a list of different things:



Arduinos work with the zUno Clip!
Netduinos and Arduinos work with the zUno Clip.
So do BeagleBones and Freedom Boards!
chipKIT zUno
Most chipKIT products. (Not chipKIT Pro or some of the shields, though.)
Raspberry Pi
The Raspberry Pi fits, if a bit snugly.

We found a few things that weren’t compatible with the zUNO, though.

The zUNO doesn't fit any of TI's boards that we have.
The zUNO doesn’t fit any of TI’s boards that we have.



Check out how we ended up using the zUNO Clip for wearables:



And now for the part of this post you’ve all been waiting for — the giveaway.┬áComment telling us what you use your zUNO clip for, and if we didn’t cover it in this post, we’ll send you two for free (while supplies last). If you do qualify, we’ll send you a form from our sales team. Fill it out and we’ll ship you your new zUNO clips!

What do you use yours for?
What do you use yours for?
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3 Comments on “Does It Fit?!: The zUNO Clip Edition and Giveaway”

  1. I did get the clips to fit the Texas Instruments Tiva LaunchPad

    1) Position two clips in a metal C clamp.

    2) Adjust clamp to squeeze clips to about 2-3mm smaller than the width of the Tiva. Make both clips the same size.

    3) Bake in oven at 300F a couple of minutes. I did not preheat the oven. I just put the clamp/clips in the oven, turned the oven on, set at 300F, and took it out when the temperature reached 300F.

    4) Let cool

    5) Wear with pleasure

  2. That’s great! I’ll send you an email to get your info so we can send you some zUNO Clips!

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