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Electronics publication EDN Network reviewed the chipKIT Wi-FIRE, Digilent’s Arduino-compatible board that uses Microchip’s MZ processor,and the results are in… Digilent’s Wi-FIRE is a hot little number!

The very capable Wi-FIRE.
The very capable Wi-FIRE.

Lee Goldberg’s favorable review called the Wi-FIRE “an awesome little beastie” capable of doing a lot of the amazing things desired in the Internet of Things (IoT) movement while avoiding a lot of the pitfalls that other players in the market have run into.


After running some tests on the board and its capabilities, Goldberg enthused about the collaboration between Digilent, Imagination Technologies, and Microchip. A few of the highlights of Goldberg’s “test-drive’ through the Wi-FIRE include the robust MCU, high-quality board, and “developer-friendly” features supported by quality documentation.


Wi-Fire Chart

As the Wi-FIRE’s main goal is to serve as a development platform for embedded IoT applications, Goldberg goes on to explain why the availability of FlowCloud services and IoT application development technology on the Wi-FIRE platform make it easier to configure parameters and identify functionality.


The chipKIT Wi-FIRE is priced at $79, and if Goldberg is right, we could be seeing this “little beastie” take on some pretty high-end tasks in the near future.  At that price, whether novice, entrepreneur, or savvy business owner, anyone can get heated up about the Wi-FIRE.


Check out the article here! And to find out more about how the Wi-FIRE came to be, check out the post I wrote in August.


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