FIE 2014 Recap – Digilent and Trenz Joint Event

Digilent recently attended Frontiers in Education (FIE) conference in Madrid. More than 450 professors and students from universities worldwide met to share ideas about developments in computer science, engineering, and STEM education.

Digilent booth prepared to receive its visitors
Digilent booth prepared to receive its visitors.

The popular Analog Discovery  and the Analog Parts Kit were the center of interest at the Digilent booth. The demo shows the behavior of an Analog Devices™ AD654  voltage-to-frequency converter.

Analog Discovery Voltage to Frequency Converter demo
Analog Discovery voltage-to-frequency converter demo.


In the FPGA section , we featured two demos:

  • The new FPGA Basys 3 board for entry-level use, based on Xilinx Artix-7 and exclusively designed for the Vivado Design Suite. With the help of a Digilent peripheral podule (PmodTM AMP2), a keyboard, and a speaker, the Basys 3 is turned into a piano synthesizer.
Basys 3 Piano Synthesizer demo
Basys 3 piano synthesizer demo.

The Zybo-based color filter demo– image processing for advanced users.

Zybo color filter demo
Zybo color filter demo.

Digilent showcased the WS 2812 addressable LED strips controlled by a chipKIT uC32 board demo – you can find it on Instructables.


I was excited to meet customers interested in either existing or upcoming products, with others saying, “ I just wanted to stop by to tell you how useful your products are”.

Customers visiting Digilent booth
Customers visiting Digilent booth.
Photo received from the professor interested about Digilent learning tools
Photo from a professor interested in Digilent learning tools.

It was a great opportunity to talk about our Digilent Design Contest generally, especially about the EU section, which was launched few days ago. Stay tuned on our site for the contest,, for news about this event open to all students enrolled in a technical school, college, university, or other educational institution. You can also post your comments on our forum at!


It was a good opportunity to meet the community collaborating with Digilent and Trenz in our joint mission to make the latest technologies available to students and instructors.

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