Final Submissions for Digilent Design Contest Europe 2015

This coming weekend, participants in the Digilent Design Contest Europe  will travel to Cluj-Napoca, Romania, from Hungary, Serbia, France, Italy, Poland, and Greece. They will defend their projects in front of a honorary judge from Xilinx Ireland, Microchip Romania, professors from Montpellier-France, and Cluj-Napoca. I am excited to see the final submission projects on


Among the 21 projects submitted, there are some interesting Xilinx FPGA and chipKIT-based projects with a broad range of everyday applications.

  • Search and rescue vehicles – two mobile rescue platforms controlled by a Nexys 4 DDR
  • A monitoring platform based on a Nexys 3 FPGA that can control multiple houses from a single web interface
  • A robot controller able to monitor the environment parameters and take the best decision on finding the shortest path on its surrounding area based on chipKIT WF32 platform
  • Gesture detection – a human-to-machine interface based on the ZYBO
  • A monitoring system for the power consumption in a house controlled remotely by a chipKIT WF32
Digilent Contest 2015 - some of the projects submitted for the finals
Digilent Design Contest 2015 — some of the projects submitted for the finals.


Some of the other projects include nice gadgets like a portable gaming console on a ZYBO, a globe of the persistence of vision that shows 24 images/second, and a project that creates an illusion of a 3D object, just to name few.


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