First Educators’ Workshop in Seattle

Our first in-person workshop was a success! We had professors and TAs from Pacific Lutheran University, Washington State Universtiy, the EE program at Everett Community College, Olympic College, and the Washington Engineering Institute EET.

Casey Ash from WEI EET came in and walked around our demo table and found the NEXYS4 demo. He looked at it, picked it up, and said, “If I had one of these, I would never put it down!” Little did he know that we had some to give away at the end of the workshop. Happily, Casey left with a new NEXYS4 and we certainly hope that he’s enjoying it.

Attendee playing with our new ZYBO Image Filter Demo before the workshop began.

If you haven’t done so already, check out the new Learn website. There are a lot of projects posted with many more still to come!

Clint Cole, Digilent president, showing off the new Learn website.

Everyone left excited not only about our products but also about our mission: hands-on education for every learner.

Be on the lookout for more workshops headed your way!

Contributed by Samantha.

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